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Train in Our Proven Language Immersion Techniques

At Immerse, we provide additional opportunities for students to learn another language. If this is a passion of yours as well, contact us today. We can help train you in this field. Immerse also offers exciting STEM immersion summer camps.

Child and Bus

Global Education Solutions

At Immerse, we aim to create a pipeline for international language immersion teachers. We are looking for teachers who are native speakers of Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and French, whom we will train in our proven immersion techniques. A bachelor's degree in education — or a related field — is required. Contact us today to become part of this remarkable opportunity.

Language Immersion Conferences

It is often enlightening to be able to meet with colleagues and discuss issues related to your field. Teachers and administrators of language immersion schools — and even those looking to join the field — will find this very helpful. With conferences ranging from one day to a full week, Immerse offers a unique opportunity to discuss immersion methodology, best practices, and more.

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