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Education Through Fun

Spending time at a summer camp is something that children never forget. Our programs range from language immersion to math camps. No matter what field your child loves, we give a healthy dose of education to go along with the fun! Your child will love our informative and exhilarating programs. If you are a language immersion teacher, attend one of our conferences to learn more about your field.

Language Immersion Camps

Immerse offers access to international camps, designed to boost your child's fluency in foreign languages. Run during the summer, these one-week camps offer your child the chance to travel to other countries and immerse themselves in the local culture and language. You'll be amazed by how much they are able to pick up during this short period! We have a variety of international destinations from which to choose.

STEM Immersion Camps

If your child is interested in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, they will love our STEM camps! The range of possibilities is truly exciting. For example, if they were to choose the technology program, your child will get to build their own robot. Give your child the opportunity to spend anywhere from one to four weeks with like-minded students, learning more about what they love.

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